Digital Citizenship is empowering but with that power comes responsibility.

  • This is a public space.
  • This is a shared space.
  • This is a school space.
  • This work is collaborative.

By using this space you agree to:
  1. Use your words and actions to build community and knowledge.
  2. Maintain your own and others privacy.

Dealing with Inbox overload

When you work in a community of learners, you have a responsibility to contribute to the community. One of the tools we use on our wiki is the mail feature. The mail feature allows you to contact each other, ask general questions, and get help. With our community that will grow to nearly 400, the inbox can get a bit full and very time consuming. So what to do about it?
  1. Delete all mail messages with no subject line. Include a subject line on all of your mails.
  2. Delete all mail messages with unclear or vague subject lines. Make your subject lines meaningful.
  3. Don't respond to everything. Pick a few, then move on.
  4. Only add meaningful responses. If you can help someone, then do. Otherwise delete and move on to the next one.
  5. Comments about a specific page should be left in the discussion tab- be sure to subscribe to the necessary RSS feeds from the pages.
  6. Direct your mail to the appropriate group. Mailing to mwvsciencefair sends it to everyone.


Copyright laws apply to all intellectual/creative property such as:
  • Images
  • Other multimedia
  • Written content

You must assume that all works are copyright protected unless otherwise specified.

Can I use copyrighted works on this wiki?
No. Unless you have the written permission of the copyright holder and that permission is on file with your teacher.

How can I find images that I can use?
  • Create them yourself
  • Search the Creative Commons at Remember that you will still need to double check that any image is not copyright protected and that it is labeled for either reuse or reuse with modification. This may show as an Attribution License, Share-alike license or some version of these.
  • Use Google carefully. Be sure to use the advanced search feature and select the appropriate labeling under "Usage Rights".