Scientists rely on the critique and evaluation of others as part of the scientific process. In fact it is through this form of collaboration that science can proceed forward. We are asking you to be a part of others' projects by following the development of projects and offering discussion, support and criticism.

Your job:
  1. Participate in a respectful manner - Build Community through your actions.
  2. Do what you can to make the projects you follow the best they can be.
  3. Ask those students following your project for advice and suggestions.

Over the course of the science fair project, you will follow other student projects. These students and projects are your personal learning network (PLN). Once you determine your PLN, you will learn about those projects along with your own.

Guidelines for developing your Personal Learning Network

Your PLN must include at least five students and their science projects.
  • One project will be assigned to you by your teacher.

You may choose the other four projects but you need to follow these criteria.
  • Follow at least one project that is similar to your project (same topic area - use tags to locate)
  • Follow at least one project that is very different than your project (different topic area and method - browse around to locate)
  • Follow at least one project that is from another school.
  • Follow only one project from a member of your own team (KMS team 3, or JBES grade 7)

For each project in your PLN, you should track the development of the project page, noting any changes and additions.
You should use the Discussion Tab on the project pages for you PLN to give comments and feedback to the author.
Comments to the author of the project should include constructive suggestions for ways they may improve their project or their page.
All communications should be positive and helpful. Your role is to help make the projects in your PLN better than they would be without you.