1930 Baseball glove VS. 2010 Baseball glove

Broad Question: Will an old baseball glove have more padding than a new one?

Specific Question

Does a 1930 baseball glove have more protection from a baseball then a 2010 baseball glove when the ball is dropped from ten feet.


My hypothesis is that the 1930 baseball glove will have more padding than the 2010 baseball glove.

Hypothesis Graph:

padding amount
1930 glove

2010 glove

Variables: 2010 Baseball glove, 1930 baseball glove, baseball, height of ball dropped, amount if tissue.

Independent Variable: Amount if padding in 2010 and 1930 baseball glove.

Dependent Variable: Height of ball dropped, amount of tissue inside both of the baseball gloves.

Variables That Need To Be Controlled: The variable that needs to be controlled is the height of the baseball is dropped from.

Materials: Ladder. 1930 baseball glove. 2010 baseball glove. baseball

General Plan:

My Plan is to lay the 2010 baseball glove down on the ground, drop a baseball on the glove from about ten feet in the air, and then i will measure the amount of padding with the baseball still inside the glove. After i do that five times, i will do the same exact thing for the 1930 baseball glove.

Experimental Design

I will conduct my experiment at my house in my driveway. No subjects will be in my experiment besides me. I will drop the baseball into both of the gloves from around ten feet in the air, once I do that I will leave the baseball in the glove and measure the amount of the padding. I will need about five trials for each baseball glove to complete my experiment. I will record my data on an organized piece of paper. I will take pictures of my experiment.

Procedure: I will set up the latter. climb on the latter and set the baseball glove on the ground. Then i wll drop the baseball and measure the amount of padding. I will do that five times for each glove.

Background Research

Baseball gloves from the 1930’s and 2010 are very different in many ways. In the 1930’s the leather on the baseball gloves were a lot better, and it lasted longer then recent day baseball gloves. However, baseball gloves now are made with laces that go in between each finger. Baseball gloves are a lot bigger now than they were in the 1930’s. The padding in the old baseball gloves wears down easily when the recent day gloves padding doesn’t wear down almost at all.


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The 1930 baseball glove is did happen to have more padding, however, the 2010 baseball gloves have pockets and that means all the impact doesnt even hurt the hand. Also, in the 1930's if a baseball broke, they would sew it and fix it because there wasnt enough money to buy other gloves. That causes old gloves to have almost no padding.


My hypothesis was that the 1930s baseball glove would have more padding. There did turn out to be more pad in the older glove, but back then you caught everything in the palm unlike today. All of the force of the glove goes to the pocket, the hand almost feels no pain in recent gloves. My results graph showed that for both of the gloves, the padding stayed about the same. The test went smoothly because i did everything exactly the same. The old baseball glove had more padding than the new one.