Bread mold

Problem Scenario:

I got my idea from, whenever I would make a lunch for school and if the bread was moldy I wanted to know if there was a way to make it last longer. So what I am trying to find out is if there is a better way to make bread last longer and not mold so fast.

Broad Question:

What type of storage will make mold grow faster on bread?

Specific question:

What type of storage will prevent mold from growing faster?


I hypothesize that if I take tin foil, plastic wrap, plastic container and the original bread bag, and zip block bag and see which one grows mold the fastest think the zip block bag will grow mold faster because it creates moisture and mold usually grows because of moisture.


Independent Variable:


Dependent Variable:


Variables That Need To Be Controlled:

The amount of light it gets
Where I put the Storage bags
The size of the bread
The age of the bread
What type of bread
Vocabulary List That Needs Explanation

General Plan

Im going to get bread and put the bread in different types of storage and see which one grow mold the fastest.

Potential Problems And Solutions

The bread could not grow mold.

Safety Or Environmental Concerns

Make sure that no one touches it because some people could be allergic to the bread or the mold.

Experimental Design

(add the correct headings from the experimental design page before beginning)

What is your experimental unit?

Im going to just look at the amount of mold because its hard to get a good and accurate measurement.

Number Of Trials:

Im going to try and do my experiment twice but if not only once.

Number Of Subjects In Each trial:

I have 5 different subjects because I am comparing 5 different types of storage.

Number of Observations:

I observed my bread multiple types to see when the bread molded, I checked it once every day.

Where will data be collected:

My data will be collected in a notebook. I will keep a note book with me when I check my project for mold and when it grows mold I will right down the date it grew mold and what the mold looks like.

Resources and Budget Table

external image insert_table.gifNumber needed
Where I will get this
Poster Board
1 package
Storage bags

Detailed Procedure

1. Get materials
2. Set up the project
3. Wait for the bread to start growing mold
4. Record whats happening
5. End the experiment
6. Complete my wiki
7. Make my poster board


Photo List

I Want to take pictures of the mold growing and the whole project set up.

Time Line

procedure, timeline,photo list complete- 2/1
Begin experiments no later than-2/4
experiments done-3/1
wiki complete-3/15
posters complete- 3/22
kms fair-3/29

Data Table

Types of storage
Days until molded

Data Analysis

All Raw Data

Types of storage
Days until it molded
tin foil
plastic wrap
Zipblock bag
plastic container
Original Bread Bag


chart_1 (1).jpg
My Bread mold Graph



My results are that the Tin foil grew mold the fastest. My experiment states that the original bread bag took the longest to grow mold. So for future reference I will leave the bread in the original bag because it stays fresh longer then any of the other storages.


I hypothesis that the bread would take no more than a week to mold I do not except my hypothesis because my graph stated that it took more than a week to mold.


I have noticed that my experiment when the bread finally molded they all sort of molded at the same time and they didn't have a lot of mold. Also the mold was not very normal looking and by normal I mean, it looks like white fuzz and usually is blue and purple and is large not just little spots. I think the mold on my bread looked like white fuzzy cotton candy.

Benefit to Community and/or Science

Background Research



I wanted to know which solution would work better for bread mold, because I hate when you go to make a sandwich I hate when its moldy